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You Can Now Dress Like Justin Bieber With His New Streetwear Collection

It's called "Drew," and it's finally here

Justin Bieber is finally making it possible to dress just like him, because that’s the world needs – more Bieber. On Wednesday (January 30), he officially unveiled his clothing line called Drew House.

If you’re into large smiley faces, sharp yellows, and Comic Sans MS-like fonts on your chest, your dreams have finally come true. Pieces from the unisex collection range from $48 to $148, so it’s a little pricey.

Much of the collection can be found on the brand’s official Instagram page. From the corduroy to the oversized sweaters, Drew looks comfy. Yesterday, the folks behind the account posted a picture of its models with the caption “open house / link in bio.”

The release of Drew has been in the making for a while. Bieber trademarked the name in last February, as Billboard points out, and he had been spotted wearing the gear on a couple of different occasions at the end of last year.

If Drew could be described with one word, it would be relaxed. It reflects Bieber’s characteristically laid-back street style. On the website’s “about us” page, the line is described as a “place where you can be yourself. Blah blah blah blahsdbksjdfhl. Wear like you don’t care. Come chill. K. Bye.” Finally, a Yeezy Season alternative that gets it.