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Halsey Wanted To 'Make Art, Not Headlines' After Her Breakup With G-Eazy

In her new cover story, she also talks 'Without Me' and her 'supportive' friendship with Ariana Grande

Halsey remained pretty tight-lipped in the aftermath of her highly publicized breakup with G-Eazy last year, and that was no accident. In her new cover story for Glamour, the 24-year-old reflected on the split, admitting she felt a lot of pressure to comment on it publicly, and even debated a tell-all live stream or Twitter rant. Ultimately, though, she decided to let her music do the talking, writing and recording the angsty ballad "Without Me."

"The biggest lesson I learned was to make art, not headlines," she told Glamour of the breakup. "Because it can become quite easy, in the social media generation, to go from being a musician to becoming a personality."

Her vulnerability paid off big time — "Without Me" became her first solo No. 1 hit, and it's now sitting pretty at the No. 2 slot, behind Ariana Grande's "7 Rings." The two pop stars have been trading that top spot for the entire month of January, but there's no rivalry brewing between them, despite what some tabloids might tell you. In fact, Halsey told Glamour that she and Grande are a part of a new "generation" of female pop stars who aren't taking the bait when people try to pit them against each other, because they're too busy gassing each other up.

"We live in a world where women are required to be so fucking original, it's crazy," Halsey said. "There are so many male artists who are regurgitations of each other: They all fucking dress the same, they all have the same stylist, they all wear the same fucking clothes, they write with the same writers."

She continued, "I will say one thing about my generation of artists: We are just not fucking having it. Lorde, Ariana…if you open any of our text messages at any given time, all of us are just like, 'Yo, I love your new record. When are you leaving for tour?' We’re so supportive."

Expect that support to continue as Grande releases her new album thank, u next on February 8, and Halsey preps her hotly anticipated third album. She's remained mostly mum on the new release, but did tell Glamour that fans will be hearing "more outwardly existential" music.

"I've written a lot of inward music so far — it's been a reflection of me, my mental health, my experience. Then as my voice and my problems started to grow, it was like, OK, I can put this into my art," Halsey explained. "I think moving forward into this [next] record, it will be more outwardly existential, as opposed to introspective."

Between that impending new album, her continued chart domination, and an upcoming SNL hosting gig, it's all coming up Halsey in '19.