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King Princess And Fiona Apple Serve Up Heartbreak On A Cafeteria Tray With 'I Know'

Apple acts as a 'really low-key hype man' on the slow-burning ballad

Earlier this month, King Princess incited a flurry of speculation when she shared a pic of her high-fiving the one and only Fiona Apple. That only intensified with a subsequent post teasing, "we're gonna serve u heartbreak," and another one featuring a collage of them literally serving up shattered hearts on a food tray. Now, at long last, we finally know what they whipped up together — on Friday (January 25), they released a joint cover of Apple's "I Know" as a Spotify exclusive.

"I Know" is from the enigmatic indie icon's 1999 album When The Pawn... (fun fact: that's the year KP was born), and 20 years later, it remains a slow-burning heart-breaker. King Princess takes the lead on the five-minute cover, delicately tending to each devastating lyric: "You can use my skin / To bury secrets in / And I will settle you down." Apple, meanwhile, does her own thing in the background, contributing a haunting harmony every now and then.

In a positively awesome video tweeted by King Princess, Apple recalls how the collab came together.

“We met up and we became fast friends and I came to really love her heart and her mind," she said of the 20-year-old. "She wanted to do the song ‘I Know,’ and it’s not really a duet. I wanted her to be able to sing it like a cover, singing to her person. And I would just be in the background doing the Rhodes piano and low harmonies — like I’m standing with my arm around my friend being a really, really low-key hype man. So that’s the story behind that, and have a wonderful day.”

While the new version of "I Know" is a treat for fans of Apple — who's been largely out of the spotlight for the past few years — it's also a pleasant reminder that King Princess is one of the most refreshing voices in pop today. The "1950" singer is working on her debut album via Mark Ronson's Zelig Recordings, and you can bet she's got more magical music in store.