Challenge Lovebirds: Were Cara And Paulie Hesitant To Mix Business With Pleasure?

The two are entering 'War of the Worlds' as a couple

Cara and Paulie met during Final Reckoning, hit a major relationship milestone on How Far Is Tattoo Far? and are entering The Challenge: War of the Worlds as a couple. But how would the two describe entering Season 33 with a significant other? First up, Cara (ladies first).

"I had a lot of hesitations coming into this season with Paulie, because I always felt like when I'm on my own and backed against a corner and I have nobody that has my back, then I'm a fighter," the two-time victor revealed to MTV News. "And I've got fire. When I'm in the worst situation, like when I'm in an elimination and there's no other chances, that's when I shine. So I was afraid that coming in with Paulie might dull my fire, and I was also worried that when you're in a relationship with someone, everybody's going to try to tear them apart. And it's not a healthy environment for a relationship, either."

Does Paulie feel similarly?

"Cara's like my other half -- whether we're playing or in the house, it doesn't affect me," the Final Reckoning bronze medalist disclosed. "I go into challenges, I focus on winning, and then I focus on making sure she is okay. That's just how I play the game. But then again, I'm a bit different because I don't fear anybody. Most people fear going into an elimination; most people fear coming into the game in a relationship because they're going to be a target. I fear nothing."

Time will tell how this MTV war affects the duo, but for now, be sure to stay with MTV News as we approach the debut of The Challenge: War of the Worlds this Wednesday at 9/8c.