'You're Playing My Game': The Challenge: War Of The Worlds Trailer Has Arrived

The MTV war commences on February 6

America's best are taking on the world, and it's going to be one of the most hardcore Challenge seasons in the record books.

In an extended look at The Challenge: War of the Worlds, premiering on February 6, veterans will unite with prospects from multiple continents (including someone from the United Kingdom screaming, "That's how we do back in London!). It's the ultimate showdown -- and TJ notes "it's not just a battle, it's war."

And, of course, Johnny Bananas has a plan of action for this go-around.

"I'm here to make money, cause problems and break up relationships. That's it," the six-time champion declares in the video above. Why are we not surprised?

But how do CT and Leroy feel about the newbies? And who is Wes yelling at in a dimly lit room? Watch the entire glimpse, tell us which you think were the buzziest moments and do not miss War of the Worlds on Wednesday, February 6 at 9/8c!