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Lauren Jauregui Brought Two Stripper Poles To A Sultry New 'More Than That' Performance

And plenty of flowers

Earlier this month, Lauren Jauregui dropped the sultry single "More Than That," complete with alternately ornate and feverish video set partly in a strip club. It's all meant to signify LJ's bold new direction as a solo artist: confident and singular in herself.

It makes sense, then, that she'd take that same energy to bring the song to life on The Late Late Show, which she did Tuesday night (January 22). Singing in front of both a lush flower arrangement and two occupied stripper poles, Lauren blends the visual dynamism of the video as she swaggers through the song.

Oh, and for the record, she was not lip-synching, despite what some of the accompanying chatter on social media would suggest. "Go ahead and come to one of my shows to find out if you'd like," she tweeted, replying to one suggestion that she didn't sing live during the performance. "I train... and btw the feed was way too clear cause I had the BEST IN THE BIZ on that mix."

Last year, Jauregui told MTV News that all her new music — a lot of which is still forthcoming in 2019 — aims to be a reflection of all the different parts of herself. "I've had my own journey and gone through my own ups and downs," she said. "I'm not always perfect, and I'm not always happy, and I'm not always at peace with what's going on. But I work through it, and I write through it."

Watch the full performance above, and then see Lauren shout out everyone on her team who helped make it a reality over at her Instagram page.