Challenge Accepted: How To Have Your Own War Of The Worlds Adventure

Here's how to put your super-fan status to the test

A Challenge clash from around the world has begun. But before the fan-favorite competitors have their first official mission teamed up with fellow reality cast members hailing from near and far, you can interact with the series like never before.

MTV is inviting you to interact with The Challenge in a whole new way through a messaging feature called Challenge Chatbot, designed to put your super-fan status to the test, introduce you to this season's challengers, get your take on show drama, and more. While you may not be able to participate in the unique game play or the Killing Room (this season's home for eliminations), you can still be challenged every week.

Now we're going to pretend we're TJ and explain the rules: A new batch of trivia questions will be added every Tuesday, and when you finish the quiz, you'll get your results. Crush the quiz week after week, and you'll get a power ranking that you can post to prove to your friends The Challenge super-fan title is yours.

In addition, The Challenge bot is a one-stop shop for all intel related to the cast and upcoming installments. And if you have any questions for veterans and rookies alike, ask away! So start chatting below...

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