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Sigrid's 'Don't Feel Like Crying' Is A Masterclass In Moving On From Your Ex

She brings 'epic grace' to her defiant new song

Sigrid is continuing to keep the good vibes rolling. After shooting down a narcissist on "High Five," getting smacked by love on "Sucker Punch," and, of course, keeping haters at bay with "Don't Kill My Vibe," the Norwegian pop star's latest single is another upbeat act of defiance.

On Thursday (January 17), the 22-year-old dropped "Don't Feel Like Crying," co-written by frequent Chainsmokers collaborator Emily Warren. Accompanied by an artsy lyric video, the punchy track finds Sigrid determined to power through a breakup positively. Though she admits "my heart is aching," she concedes, "wallowing in it would be such a waste." The (probably only temporary) cure, Sigrid implies, is to get out and keep livin': "It hasn't hit me yet / And I know if I go home I'm gonna get upset."

In a press release, Sigrid said of the anthemic new song, "There's a romantic melancholy in the landscape. There's a certain grace to heartache, a sort of... epic grace! I love dramatic pop songs."

There's much more where that came from on Sigrid's hotly anticipated debut album, Sucker Punch, out on March 8.