Should Cole Adopt Aubree On Teen Mom 2?

If Adam signs over his rights, it's a distinct possibility

Adam missed his first visit with Aubree at the visitation center earlier this season on Teen Mom 2 -- and now, during tonight's episode, the young father hit “rock bottom,” according to Chelsea’s husband Cole. Why? Adam signed over his parental rights to his younger daughter Paislee, and her stepdad legally adopted her as a result.

Naturally, this turn of events prompted Chelsea and Cole to contemplate whether Cole would adopt Aubree if they were put in the same situation -- and how to broach the sensitive topic with the eight-year-old.

“We know what we think is the best for her, and that would be if he was out of the picture instead of in and out hurting her,” Chelsea said. “But I think she’s old enough now to where you can’t just make that decision for her.”

Though Cole said he’d adopt his stepdaughter “in a heartbeat,” Chelsea was still conflicted, so she asked her parents for some guidance. Mary said Cole should adopt Aubree, pointing out that, otherwise, Adam would have rights to the girl should something happen to Chelsea. Randy, meanwhile, advised them to “go with the flow” and not push the adoption right now because Aubree could resent them for doing it when she gets older.

As for the little girl herself? Aubs told her mama off-camera that she didn’t want to be adopted by Cole right now because that would mean Adam wasn’t her dad anymore.

But Mary's, Randy's and Aubree's opinions aside, what do you think? Should Cole adopt Aubree if the situation presents itself? Tell us what you’re thinking, then stay tuned for more Teen Mom 2 Mondays at 9/8c.