Siesta Key Shag: Who Was That Girl In Alex's Bed?

If only Juliette hadn't gone to get her wallet...

Just when it seems that Alex and Juliette have reclaimed their rightful status as king and queen of Siesta Key, something (or someone) throws them off their throne. And the queen is pretty unhappy:

So what happened? After a public blowup between the on-again, off-again It couple, Juliette said she was through with Alex because he'd failed to stand up for her when Pauly (and his "stupid-ass inside-out shirt") started talking smack. Following a few tears and a heated "We're done!" from Jules, Alex was quick to joke to his cousin, "Oh, shoot, I'm single. Now I'm gonna steal Cara back." (Yes, his ex-girlfriend Cara who is now dating Garrett -- and who Juliette swears is looking to rekindle things with Alex.)

Enter one bizarre conversation in which Alex, not one to waste any time, immediately told Cara, "Sit right next to Santa's lap. What do you want for Christmas?" (Probably nothing -- Cara is already loaded. Just sayin'.)

He continued, "You don't think I'm getting you back? I know you're in happy, happy Everland with Garrett, but you're always giving me that look."

But back to Alex and Juliette. After some time cooling off, they met up to mend their differences, both agreeing that they're "back together." Said the FSU student: "The thing about me and Alex is that we fight hard, but we love harder. People think he's not good for me, but I just can't stay away. We just wouldn't be the couple we are if we didn't fight."

The reconciliation was short-lived. Before long, Juliette was sobbing to Amanda about "something terrible." Turns out, she had woken up earlier that morning with a "weird feeling" and felt compelled to go to Alex's to retrieve her wallet. That's when she saw it: "Alex [was] standing in front of his room with a pair of shorts on, no shirt, and there's a girl in his bed. I literally walked in on him sleeping with another girl."

Bring on all the tears...and expletives. The only question is, who was it? Alex is surrounded by ex-girlfriends and former flings on the regular, including Cara, Madisson, Kelsey and Amanda, to name a few. Was it one of them, or a random hookup? Give us your predictions, then catch the aftermath of Alex's indiscretion Tuesday at 9/8c.