MTV Floribama Shore Fracas: Aimee Just Clashed With A PCB Local

And she might be facing some serious trouble

We haven't seen Aimee get this heated on Floribama Shore since her battle with Gus in the Big Easy. But this time, the catalyst wasn't one of our resident Princess Goddess Mermaid's roommates -- it was a PCB local.

To recap: While Codi was busy wining and dining treating Candace to Hennessy and chicken wings, the rest of the crew moseyed on over to Newby's. The evening started out tame enough with some friendly foosball and line dancing; even Kortni was up to her usual antics, forgoing her giraffe onesie for a pair of plush pink slippers. But after K started making out with a middle-aged woman, well, Nilsa said it best: "It's time to f*cking go. We need to get out of here before Kortni starts kissing the entire bar."

While trying to rally the troops into their respective thot mobiles, Nilsa and Aimee suddenly found themselves being insulted by a random Newby's patron. "You're so trashy. I'm a PCB local, so don't f*ck with me," she yelled.

After Nilly declared "God bless you," the gal called the duo "ratchet," a statement that didn't sit well with Aimee.

"I'm so angry, because we were doing absolutely nothing wrong," Aimee said. "We're trying to leave this place, and this girl is following us around calling us ratchet? No, you're ratchet."

Upon being confronted by Aimee, the woman then went after Nilsa, saying, "Your friend looks like a whore."

"My roommates are my family. Don't mess with them," Aimee said, post-incident.

After the crew hightailed it out of Newby's, they were swiftly pulled over by the cops, who asked for Aimee due to "an altercation."

Judging from next week's sneak peek, Aimee might be facing some serious trouble down south. How do you think she'll handle it, and what will happen next? Tell us your predictions, then tune in Thursday at 9/8c to find out.