Courtesy Alexa Zeliger

Lauren Jauregui's 'More Than That' Is A Swaggering, Hypnotic Flex

'You better come stronger than this liquor' is a MOOD

After wallowing in frustration and jadedness on "Expectations," Lauren Jauregui is turning the tables. On Friday (January 11), the former Fifth Harmony singer kept her debut solo era going with "More Than That," a sultry number that finds her cooly asserting her dominance.

"If I'ma take a gamble then you better come correct / I need more than them diamonds that you got around your neck/ Shit, anybody can flex," Jauregui sings on the swaggering first verse. She rides the hypnotic, 808-tinged beat straight into a hook that's as confident as it is catchy: "Boy, you better come stronger than this liquor / Wanna take me home? Better be more convincing / It'll take more than that to get to me / More than that to get your way."

There's a reason this track came with such ethereal artwork: If god is a woman, then the dude Jauregui's singing about better stop playing and bow down.

Jauregui's new single is the latest taste of her hotly anticipated debut solo album, expected to release this year. Despite "More Than That" sounding tailor-made for an R&B feature, the 22-year-old previously hinted that there would be no collaborations on the project. "It's just gonna be my voice," she said last year.

No complaints there — after years spent sharing tracks with four other girls, she's earned the spotlight.