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Kehlani Is An Android Whisperer In Erotic 'Nights Like This' Video

Plus, a new album and a mixtape are on the way!

Last October, we got a big, unexpected burst of positivity from Kehlani when she revealed she was four months pregnant with a baby girl. She's inching ever closer to a due date, and on Thursday (January 10), she stopped by Zane Lowe's Beats 1 Radio show to spread even more good news in the form of a new collab with Ty Dolla $ign. It's called "Nights Like This" and it's got a sound as cinematic as its accompanying video.

Kehlani told Lowe it's from a mixtape she's planning to release in February, though she couldn't say what it's called, who's on it, or exactly when it's coming. So that's the bad(ish) news, OK, but! The video features her and Ty ostensibly fixing up a robot/android (and what happens after) and it has a slightly erotic Black Panther/Logan-type vibe in terms of its evocation of superheroes.

And there's more. Expect her new mixtape in February, Kehlani said, but after that, it's album time. Specifically, she's working on something of a concept record based on the relationship of her parents. "It's my parents's story articulated into mine, articulated into a gift for my daughter, so she knows where she comes from," she told Lowe.

"It's been a really big energetic purge for me to even, like, not only draw out of myself, but attempt to obtain the stories from them, because they're from different, you know, big crazy backgrounds," she continued. "And my father isn't here, and my mom is doing her thing, so we'd have to go find her to do get these stories to do that. So, that was becoming just a serious thing. And then also a really heavy load to process while I'm pregnant. It's like breaking down my mom as I'm about to be a mom."

Check out the "Nights Like This" video above, and look out for her new mixtape next month.