Ex On The Beach Arrival: Will Chad's Former Flame Ruin His Romance With Nicole?

So far, sparks are flying -- and babies are being planned

"Slutty whore" is usually not a term of endearment -- except for Chad and Nicole (that's what she referred to him, FYI). But will the original singles (who are not so single anymore?) stand the test of time even when their exes show up in Malibu?

During tonight's episode of Ex on the Beach, the Challenge competitor and the Bachelor in Paradise alum -- who have been growing closeeeee since his night one lip lock with Morgan -- had their first official date. Even though they joked about hating each other. Complete with piña coladas and boneless, skinless chicken for her and ribs for him.

While some of the chat was lighthearted (like Nicole calling him a "little f*ck" after he said she was his type -- even though he went for the Big Brother alum right out of the gate), he expressed a bit of dread about the imminent arrival of his former love interest.

"I just have this feeling that she will come in and befriend everyone else and then be thirsty," Chad stated to Nicole about his ex.

"So does that mean we will have to get her a nice cup of water?" Nicole quipped, as he enjoyed some pineapple chunks.

The convo then took a hard 180 and both contemplated how many kids they want (probably with each other) -- Nicole declared she needed to pull out "the twins" and how their connection was a "curveball" for her, while Chad admitted he likes it when she gets angry. But Nicole pivoted right back to his erstwhile gal on the way.

"Whenever your ex comes, I'll get really f*cking mad," she said, while Chad predicted that she was "keeping in her crazy" but that could all change very soon.

Will Chad and Nicole be able to survive Chad's ex washing up -- and Nicole's, for that matter? And are two (or was it three?) munchkins in the not-so-distant future? Or will these mysterious folks rip the budding couple apart? Offer your predictions, then be sure to keep watching Ex on The Beach every Thursday at 8/7c.