Ex On The Beach Poll: Which Single Lady (Or Gent) Is Going To Get The Boot?

Looking at you, Farrah and Corey

Simon, Kareem and Cory Z are about to get some company in the ousted Ex On The Beach club. But it won't be a fellow ex joining them.

During tonight's episode, the house learned (via a special message in a bottle) that the "script would be flipped" and an OG single would be getting the boot. And, yes, the news was met with some dread (Morgan especially, fresh off her smooch with Corey) and some elation (Diandra stands out).

"The tables have turned, bitches!" the Are You the One? alum exclaimed. "And I'm here to come for each and everyone one of you."

But when the shock finally settled, two key targets emerged as the main candidates for eviction. First up, Farrah.

"In all Farrahness, I don't really feel like I should be leaving," the young mom told Sha and Morgan. Points for the pun!

However, Nurys felt very differently about Farrah's future on the beach. And it had everything to do with their recent physical fight.

"Farrah is a crazy, delusional bitch. She's the one that is the problem," Nurys stated, while comparing her to possibility number two, Corey. But how was Corey's ex Sha feeling about the two folks up for elimination?

"I'm just going to go ahead and crush Farrah because I'm cool with her and I'm just going to go ahead and not even deal with the whole Corey thing," she revealed.

And at the Cut or Crush Ceremony, a pantsuit-clad Farrah delivered a passionate "Keep Farrah campaign" stump speech (did you expect anything less?). But there was one tiny issue with her plea.

"Did she forget that we already voted?" Nurys questioned.

But does Farrah have fewer Cut chips (and more Crush chips) than Corey? Or will he have a higher tally than she does and be sent packing? Do not miss the conclusion of this game-changing twist on next Thursday's Ex On The Beach episode at 8/7c.