One More Try: Can Ex On The Beach's Morgan And Jay Rebuild Their Relationship?

After all, she did kiss her other ex Corey

Morgan initially felt torn about her connections with her exes Jay and Corey. While things may have looked more serious with Jay, Corey swooped in with a very unexpected kiss in the middle of a solo getaway. And during tonight's episode of Ex on the Beach, there was a lot bit of fallout following the Big Brother alums' beach-side smooch.

"My life's a mess," Morgan told Corey, right after he surprised her with some PDA.

Quips aside, the familiar conflicted feelings flowed following Corey's romantic gesture.

"Part of me is like, 'Oh my God! Finally,'" Morgan revealed in a solo interview. "And at the same time, I have Jay, who is still in the back of my head."

And when Jay learned of his gal's lip lock (she decided to be upfront with him and not risk him hearing the story through the grapevine), the Survivor alum refused to listen to Morgan's story and instead opted to charge toward Corey.

"That's bullsh*t," he yelled at Corey, while the former was held by a security guard. "Go f*ck yourself!"

But Corey certainly egged on the situation -- and told Jay that Morgan wants "this" (as in himself).

Eventually, Jay calmed down, and the morning after, he and Morgan spoke about what unfolded. The main takeaway: Morgan assured Jay that if she had the chance, she would vote out Corey.

"I don't want to play the games -- I'm closing that door," she confessed.

Jay wanted to believe Morgan, but he certainly had doubts and questioned if he could really trust her. So do you think Jay will be able to get back to having the same faith in Morgan he once had? Or will the doubts return and force them apart (they have split once before)? Write your theories, and do not miss Ex On The Beach every Thursday at 8/7c.