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Eddie Redmayne Reveals His Love For The Hills (And Heidi Montag)

The Oscar winner is 'quite excited' about the upcoming reboot

The Hills is about to have a new beginning very soon -- and Eddie Redmayne is "quite excited" that the beloved series is returning to MTV.

The Oscar-winning actor is featured in this month's W Magazine along with Rami Malek -- and both were asked if they watch any reality television. Enter Redmayne's affinity for the unforgettable Tinseltown crew.

"I'm quite excited because The Hills, which was my original reality TV guilty pleasure, is coming back," he revealed. When Malek admitted he wasn't familiar with the show (c'mon!), Redmayne offered his synopsis.

"The Hills is about various genetically beautiful [people] around LA just chatting to each other," he continued. "It starts with Natasha Bedingfield's song, which I didn't buy the single of, but I might has well of." Staring at the blank page before you....

But there's more. Who is Redmayne's favorite?

"I was inclined to Heidi Montag, who I sort of had a bit of a love-hate relationship with," he added.

Thanks for The Hills love, Eddie. And be sure to stay with MTV News for more Hills-related updates!