Beach Club Goodbye: Will Lindsay Lohan Say 'Arrivederci' To Brent?

After all, this isn't 'The Brent Show'

"This is the Lindsay Lohan show -- not the Brent show."

During tonight's Beach Club episode, the aforementioned VIP host managed to ruffle almost every feather in Mykonos, and his future is now in serious doubt at the exclusive hot spot. So why is the Sin City loudmouth on such thin ice -- and why did Lindsay have to make the obvious above statement about his ranking on the MTV series?

It all began when Panos assigned Aristotle to be the VIP cabana leader, while also delegating Brent to help him. Obviously, Brent questioned Panos' decision, and when it came time for Aristotle and Brent to care for Lakis Gavalas, Aristotle rose to the challenge -- but Brent bolted. Why?

"You're not going to wipe his feet for him, are you?" Brent asked Aristotle, after the designer requested the cleanup. "Dude, do not do that. Are you gonna degrade yourself that much to do that?"

Aristotle obliged (plus he performed a dance with Lakis that can only be described as awkward), but Brent steered clear. And when Aristotle notified Panos of Brent's decision and overall behavior, Lindsay's "left-hand man" was not pleased. He, in turn, relayed the facts to Lindsay -- and she was livid.

"If people are going to take advantage of my future and what I'm building with you and with Mykonos and with Greece all together, f*ck off," Lindsay said. "I'm not going to take it."

When Panos later spoke with Brent about his behavior, the latter was adamant he reacted properly and was combative to Panos' demands. Panos then debriefed Lindsay about his chat with Brent -- and she made her point simple and clear.

"They're disposable," she stated about the group (while pretty much focusing on Brent). "Arrivederci!"

But will Lindsay and Panos really say "see you later" to Brent? Or will Brent adjust his attitude and continue his efforts in Mykonos? Offer your take on the situation, and do not miss a brand-new episode of Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club on Tuesday at 8/7c.