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SnowGlobe 2018: Tyga Talks 'Taste' And The 'Bigger Moments' He Has Planned For Next Year

"At times, people count you out, and you can just come back bigger than ever."

By Kat Bein

Tyga had a banner year in 2018. The national narrative spoke of a “comeback” for the California rapper, but watching him perform a barrage of seemingly endless hits on stage at SnowGlobe Festival in Lake Tahoe this weekend seemed to have those in attendance screaming, “When did he ever leave?"

The “Faded” MC braved low 40-degree temperatures to bring serious heat. He was joined on stage by his signature, scantily-clad dancers and proved college kids in snow suits really can twerk on ice. He finished his set with his biggest hit of 2018, the recently certified triple-platinum “Taste,” but backstage, he told MTV News all about his plans for the year ahead.

MTV News: It was quite a treat to see you. It was my first time, and I don't know if that was a shorter set for you than usual, but it was hit after hit after hit.

Tyga: Yeah, we tried to keep it short and fast, you know? The crowd was good. It was freezing. I was like, “Man, I hope they just use more of the pyro. Keep pressing it, because I'm freezing up here.”

MTV News: Is 2019 going to be a big tour year for you?

Tyga: Definitely, because I haven't toured like a real tour probably since 2015 with Chris Brown. That was my last tour, so I haven't toured in years, but I've been out the country a lot doing a lot of big shows out there. Now, I'm back in tour mode.

MTV News: Have you seen some things on the road that you're trying to incorporate into what you're going to do, or sounds that have inspired you?

Tyga: Yeah. The Latin movement is huge worldwide. It's a world sound. You just see how people react to different records in the Middle East, and then in Asia, Australia, you know? But really, “universe” means one, so it's really one wavelength everybody is on at the same time.

MTV News: Where do you feel you've experienced the most energy for what you're doing lately? Do some places surprise you with how well-versed they are in it?

Tyga: I mean, even today with the crowd. You just never know really what to expect. You just go out there and turn up, and you just hope that people feel your energy. I just did Rolling Loud in L.A., and that was big. I haven't performed in L.A. in a long time, so that was huge and that was fun. It was crazy. We've actually got Rolling Loud Australia coming up in January, so we'll be out there. That's gonna be crazy.

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

MTV News: Congratulations as well on the triple platinum certification of “Taste.” How does that feel? Where were you when you found out?

Tyga: Thank you. It's a really good feeling. I think I was in Dominican Republic. I was shooting another video out there for another song I have and they told me. It was “Swish,” and then I just found out yesterday “Dip” just went gold. It's good, because I only dropped like three or four songs all year, so now everybody is like, “Please drop an album.”

MTV News: What's the percentage that's going to happen?

Tyga: I don't know, I'm just very picky. I don't like nothing to feel old or anything, so I'm always making new music and just experimenting with new people.

MTV News: Anyone you've been working with lately? Who is in the lab?

Tyga: Aw, I just wanna surprise people. I definitely have some big features coming up top of the year. Definitely the features are going to be nostalgic, so I'ma just give that hint.

MTV News: What are some of the lessons that you've learned in 2018 that you'll take with you into the next year that maybe you'd like to share with people?

Tyga: This year really represented having faith and believing in yourself, really. At times, people count you out, and you can just come back bigger than ever. I think a lot of people worry about what everybody else got going on, especially in entertainment and on social media, but we've got to just focus on our own lives. Our gift as artists is to make people feel better, give them a good time, give them an experience, and give them a feeling. That's what music is, to make people feel a certain way, whether its some music that makes you feel sad or makes you feel good. I like to make music that makes you want to feel good and party, or uplifts you.

MTV News: What you said, too, about as an entertainer, when you're busy working on something behind the scenes and people can't see that you're doing that. Everybody has an opinion about where you're at.

Tyga: I think you've just got to be patient, really, because that's what it's really about. When you over-promote things, people get numb to it. I think the element of surprise is just something that's great these days. It's just special. It's more of a moment. I think 2018 was about creating moments, and 2019 is going to be the same but just bigger moments, that longevity.