Spilling The Beans: Will Jared Ruin Kelsey's Long-Distance Romance On Siesta Key?

The new guy is ruffling a lot of feathers in Florida

Memo to Jared: You may want to steer clear of the unavailable women in Siesta Key. First it was Madisson and, during this week's episode, it was Kelsey. (Hey, Amanda might be single?)

As for the latter, let's just say things have gotten complicated. To start, Jared and Kelsey frolicked in their skivvies on the beach in the middle of the night, doing cartwheels and kissing. Jared even posted a little proof to Snapchat -- a move that is never good. Then they were flirting like mad at the bar when all that Juliette-Alex drama went down.

The kicker? Kelsey has a long-distance boyfriend in Arizona (yes, she hooked up with him while she was still with Garrett) -- and that made her extra-concerned about Jared's loose lips.

"I'm hearing from everyone about what happened at the beach night," she told him. "It's kind of a big deal for me. It might not be for you because you're single, but I have a boyfriend, so it kind of f*cks up my relationship."

She added that she didn't kiss Jared -- apparently he kissed her, and she pushed him away. But is that really what happened?

"I wouldn't say you pushed away, but yeah, you left," Jared said. "I don't think long distance is for you. Whenever that ends, I'll still be here."

But Kelsey appeared to be on a different wavelength, to say the least.

"Jacob's about to come in town, and I want to keep this quiet right now," she told Jared. "You and I are friends, and we're never going to be anything else. You need to understand that."

The navy veteran's borderline-bitter response? "Yeah, I understand you leading me on. I hope you enjoy your ghost-boyfriend thing. Have a good one."


With Kelsey's "ghost boyfriend" about to touch down in Sarasota, what do you think will happen next? Is Jared liable to spill the beach-night beans and ruin Kelsey's relationship? Give us your thoughts, then catch Jacob's grand arrival Tuesday at 9/8c.