Isn't This Awkward: 6 Times Heidi Fought With Her Family On The Hills

When the show returns as 'New Beginnings,' Ms. Montag's drama may look all too familiar

When The Hills returns in 2019 for a collection of New Beginnings, remember that the show comes with a handful of deep, dark valleys, too, and Heidi Montag’s strained family relationships certainly stand among them.

While the show’s original run saw Heids gain some ride-or-die additions to her life (she met her husband Spencer and forged a friendship with Audrina in the process), it also included the fraying of existing bonds — namely, those Heidi shared with her mother Darlene and sister Holly.

While Darlene and Holly seemed to want the best for Heidi, their wishes weren’t always received warmly and ultimately amounted to some big blowouts and a nearly two-year estrangement. Whether Holly was making a scene at Heidi’s engagement dinner or Darlene was trying to (unsuccessfully) mask her disappointment in Heidi’s plastic surgeries, Montag family reunions came with their fair share of drama.

Thankfully, Heidi, Holly and Darlene have reconciled since the show wrapped nearly a decade ago, but will their union survive another Hills go-around?

Below, we’ve collected the six roughest rows between Heidi, Darlene and Holly. Relive 'em all, then be sure to check out The Hills: New Beginnings when it premieres next year!

  1. Heidi Heads Home

    It was a moment no Hills fan will ever forget: In Season 6, Heidi visited her family in Colorado with an unexpected surprise: a brand new face and body, courtesy of multiple elective surgeries (Heidi would later say the series of operations nearly cost her her life). Darlene tried to be diplomatic at first but ultimately chided Heidi for her impetuousness -- and admitted she thought Heidi looked better before the shift.

  2. Holly Destroys Dinner

    In perhaps her most infamous moment of the show, Holly — a proud party girl — had a few too many at Spencer and Heidi’s wedding rehearsal dinner, a spectacle that ultimately concluded with Holly tossing some of her meal Heidi’s way and staining Heidi’s purse. Spencer and Stephanie chided their soon-to-be sister-in-law by pointing out how her behavior was inappropriate, leading to one of Holly’s most unforgettable lines: “I didn’t know we were dining with the king and queen.”

  3. Homeless Holly

    When Heidi’s sister Holly got stars in her eyes and decided to move to Los Angeles, Heidi warmly welcomed her sister to stay in her apartment, which she shared with then-boyfriend Spencer. Quickly, though, Spencer grew tired of Holly’s crib-crashing and pestered Heidi until Heidi was finally forced to tell Holly to kick rocks. AWKWARD.

  4. Darlene Doesn’t Encourage Elopement

    Before Heidi got the church marriage of her dreams, she and Spencer (kinda-sorta) secretly eloped. And when Heidi’s mom found out, she couldn’t help but feel hurt, leading to yet another truly uncomfortable conversation between Heidi and Darlene.

  5. Holly’s on the Hooch

    As Holly’s rehearsal dinner disaster proved, she certainly loved a beverage or two. But at some point, her drinking became a little too much for her friends and family to handle, and when Heidi and Stephanie sensed that Holly was headed down a dark road, they tried to intervene, encouraging her to lay off the sauce. It was a well-intentioned sit-down, but a particularly cringeworthy one too.

  6. The Ghost of Heidi Haunts

    At some point during Season 6, Hills loyalists will remember that Heidi and Spencer sort of evaporated into thin air: Spencer cut off his sister, Stephanie and neither Holly nor Darlene could get in touch with Heidi, who’d changed her phone number. Finally, Holly and Darlene tearfully resolved to let Heidi go and mourn the loss of their beloved Heids. Still, they held on to a small bit of hope that eventually, they’d reconcile (and they did!).