Father/Son Update: Is Teen Mom OG's Gary Bonding With His Biological Dad?

Find out what the future holds for them

Gary was joined by his newfound biological father Mike on Part 2 of the Teen Mom OG reunion. So where does the duo's relationship stand?

“It’s great. I had no idea, [and] I was amazed,” Mike said when host Nessa asked him how he felt learning about and eventually meeting his long-lost son. “I knew [Gary’s] mom. and she told me she was pregnant and I could be the father. but we just lost communication. So I figured Jody was the father.”

Gary said that it had only been about six weeks since he and Mike reunited -- a private investigator helped the two meet -- but that they’d been talking and “having lunch together.” Amber's ex also met two out of five of his half-siblings — he has four brothers and one sister between the ages of 18 and 30, the youngest of whom is a fan of Teen Mom!

But the truly emotional moment came toward the end of the segment, when Mike revealed he already loved Gary like a son even though they just met.

“How would you feel if you find out you have a son? What could I have done?” he asked. “I want us to stay together. I want his kids to call me Grandpa. ...When I met him, it felt like when you have a newborn baby. ...I have that love for him.”

Gary admitted that he doesn’t yet “love” Mike but that he is looking forward to getting to know him better. What do you think of Gary and Mike’s bond? Tell us your thoughts, then stay tuned to MTV News for more Teen Mom scoop.