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Mac Miller's Manager Shares A Heartfelt Obituary: 'He Led With The Soul'

'There was so much in front of him that he was excited about'

Three months after Mac Miller's tragic death, his former manager, Christian Clancy, has paid loving tribute with an obituary published by The Guardian on Monday (December 17).

Clancy, who managed Miller from 2013 until the time of his death, describes the rapper as a musical whiz and a gifted performer. Above all else, though, Clancy writes that he was a selfless presence who, more than money and fame, "craved importance: the ability to show depth, to cement a legacy."

Clancy pointed to the differences in Miller's early work to his most recent album, 2018's Swimming, to illustrate how the rapper brilliantly honed his craft: "The studio was his safe place and it’s where his talent grew, to the point where he was able to make Swimming, a timeless, intimate album he was incredibly proud of."

Miller died from a drug overdose in September, but Clancy said that before that, he seemed in good health and spirits, and was looking forward to getting the full Swimming experience on the road for his fans. "He was happy and in as good a mental state as he had been since we'd known him," Clancy wrote. "That's why all of this is so surreal — it was like a punch in the gut. There was so much in front of him that he was excited about.

"He was a spark to so many people," Clancy concluded, eloquently capturing the Grammy-nominated artist's spirit. "In a world dominated by ego, he led with the soul and lived by focusing on similarities rather than differences – that’s a lesson we all could use."