Sisterly Love: Can Kailyn Maintain A Relationship With Her Teen Mom 2 Half-Sibling?

Kail is trying to establish a closer bond with her long-distance sister

Kailyn has been on the fence on Teen Mom 2 about reconnecting with her estranged mother: she doesn’t trust her mom entirely but wants her family to be involved in her boys’ lives. But Kail ultimately opted out and is instead focusing her efforts on another relationship—with her half-sister, Mikaila.

On this week’s episode, Kail left Delaware for a business trip for her haircare line to Dallas, and met up while there with her half-sister on her dad’s side, Mikaila, whom she hadn’t seen in two years.

And when the girls sat down to dinner, they realized they had a lot in common, like that they both still had no relationship with their father—who “eats roadkill barbeque,” by the way—and oh, that Mikaila was pregnant and about to become a young mom just like Kail.

“You’re having a baby, that’s crazy. I’m going to be an aunt for the first time,” Kail said excitedly. “...even more of a reason to get together because now the kids are going to have a cousin...I want to be a part of my niece or nephew’s life.”

Mikaila felt the same way and said she’d “make time” moving forward for Kail and her sons, but do you think the sisters can maintain a strong bond despite the distance—and the unique circumstances? Tell us below and keep watching Teen Mom 2 Mondays at 9/8c.