Here’s How Jenelle Explained That 911 Call To Her Mom On Teen Mom 2

The mom of three said the police call was a 'big misunderstanding'

Last week on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle made a call to 911 and during tonight’s episode she clarified what really prompted her to call the police.

Barbara, Nathan and producers were concerned when they heard the recording (it was posted online a few days after it happened). But when Jenelle and Barbara met up later with Jace and Ensley -- Babs let her daughter reach out and broach the sensitive subject first -- she assured her mother that everything was okay and “it was just a misunderstanding.”

So, what occurred? Jenelle began by saying that she and David had friends over at their home and had a bonfire, and he then left with a friend to go hunting for deer. Jenelle then called her husband while he was gone to ask him to pick up some drinks but he didn’t answer his phone and she got upset.

“When David pulled in the driveway I came outside yelling, screaming and cussing at him because I was pissed off he didn’t answer the phone, and as I was yelling at him...we were by the fire and I tripped over this freaking hole,” she said. “He saw that I tripped and he went to go catch me and then he fell too, he fell on top of me. When we got back up, I was crying I was screaming, I was mad. I was like, ‘you put me down on purpose!’... It was a big drunk misunderstanding on my part.”

She then explained that when the cops arrived, “the only person they talked to me was me. I told them what happened, I said I just want to be checked out and they said okay, we’ll have an ambulance come. I’m like wait a second… cancel the ambulance because the kids are sleeping, everything is fine and I don’t want a big commotion right now.”

Jenelle concluded, “David came down to the end of the driveway, he asked me if I was okay again. I said I’m fine, I just need you to stay here, I’m going to the hospital,” and reiterated to her concerned mother that “it was just a misunderstanding.”

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