How Far Will People Go To Be Just Like Kim Kardashian?

'True Life/Now' will explore this very subject on January 2

The Kardashian clan is known for having countless fans -- but how far will some people go to be just like the famous family?

True Life/Now, a new franchise of the Emmy® Award-winning docuseries True Life, will examine people living their truths and take viewers inside a new reality. And in the first look at the docu-series below, Keeping up with the Kardashians is taken to a whole new level.

"If the Kardashians got cancelled -- I don't know," one woman (with a striking resemblance to Kourtney and Kim) declares in the video.

But what other topics will be explored? (Hint: one man declares he "wants more than a basic booty")? Watch the entire sneak peek to find out, then do not miss the series premiere of True Life/Now: I'm Obsessed With Being A Kardashian on Wednesday, January 2 at 10/9c (right after a brand-new installment of Catfish at 9/8c).