Siesta Key Revelation: Alex Says He Knows Why Chloe Tries To 'Sabotage' All His Relationships

Like, why is she so obsessed with him?

Chloe has been hell-bent on sabotaging Alex's relationship with Juliette... and now it's all starting to make sense.

But before we get into Alex's bombshell revelation -- the one that changes everything -- let's discuss the complete and utter Siesta Key chaos that led up to it: For the second time in under a week, Chloe purposefully donned her pot-stirrer hat and brought Alex's ex-girlfriend Cara to an event where she knew they would run into Alex and Juliette. Not only that, but Chloe had no qualms about instantly confronting her former friend for talking sh*t to their mutual hairdresser. (Oh no she didn't!)

At this point, it was obvious that Chloe's just looking to start trouble, and everyone (minus Cara) took Juliette's side, with Kelsey even calling Chloe "pathetic." Bye, Felicia.

This is when Chloe's mom doled out some wise words, telling her daughter to "move on" and "get a job." (Okay, Juliette actually said that last part.)

"You don't want all this drama going on," Chloe's mom said. "You girls are in your 20s now; you're not in high school anymore. It's just ridiculous how immature you guys are all acting. Y'all just need to grow up."

The volatile blonde felt further ousted by her friends during a heated heart-to-heart on the beach, where Amanda didn't hold back, calling her "manipulative" and "a liar."

"Nobody can trust you, and nobody here likes you," she spat. "You're dumb. Leave. I'll literally break your f*cking face again and not feel bad about it."

When Juliette later approached Alex about Chloe's incessant meddling, the resident ladies' man dropped a bomb about his longtime friend: "This is not the first time Chloe has done this with me and whoever I was with. She's tried to sabotage literally every relationship I've been in."

Not only that, but he said Chloe professed her undying love to Kompo a few years back. (Seriously.)

"Chloe's an old friend of mine, and I don't know if it's revenge, but Chloe told me that I'm the guy she wants to spend the rest of her life with and that she's in love with me," Alex admitted to Juliette. "I really think she wishes she was in your position."

BOOM. Call us crazy, but we didn't see that coming. Did you? And what do you think of Alex's revelation? Sound off with your thoughts, then tune in next Tuesday at 9/8c!