First Look: Lindsay Lohan Is Going To Do Things 'Differently' At Her Beach Club

The actress is reflecting on her past before the series begins January 8

Lindsay Lohan "disappeared" -- and now she's ready to "do things differently." And that means putting it all on display for her brand-new MTV show.

Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, which is coming to the network on January 8, will find the actress opening and running an exclusive seaside destination in Mykonos. But before Lindsay embarks on this new Greece-based chapter, she is reflecting on her past in the first extensive preview of the series, below.

"I know the ups and downs of being in the spotlight," she explains in the clip, while throwback footage plays with accompanying news headlines from that time in her life. "People judge me every second; it's so easy to keep going, going, going. But sometimes, you have to stop."

After that pause came the emergence of Lohan's Beach House. She will have some help in her business venture, courtesy of her "left hand" man Panos and a crop of VIP hosts hailing from all over the United States. But this is not a vacation -- and Lindsay doesn't have any time for bad behavior from her staff.

"I didn't bust my sh*t for this to happen!" she exclaims. Wonder what set her off?

So how do Lindsay's employees feel about working for her? And what is life truly like at her Mykonos empire? Watch the entire video, and stay with MTV News as we approach the premiere of Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club on Tuesday, January 8 at 8/7c.