Teen Mom OG Fight Club: Will Bristol And Dakota Ever Call A Truce?

The exes had a heated argument after coming face-to-face

Bristol and Dakota have mostly been communicating via phone and FaceTime since their Teen Mom OG divorce, but the show's finale featured the two having an in-person sit-down. And unfortunately, it didn't go well.

The season finale saw the estranged duo having a face-to-face chat to try and figure out how to be more effective at co-parenting their two daughters. Beforehand, Bristol even sought help from a therapist who specializes in PTSD in the hopes that she would learn to relate more to Dakota’s situation.

And though their conversation started out okay, things quickly went awry.

“The best way for you to communicate with me is just not talk about me,” Dakota told Bristol. “I just want you to leave me alone...I don’t want to have a friendship with you. You’re a co-parent. Write me if it has to do with the girls. Outside that, I don’t want to be around you.”

From there, the mom of three told her ex she wanted a co-parent who “doesn’t talk to me this way and doesn’t steal from me,” at which point the veteran called his former wife a “compulsive liar.”

“There’s one of us on this show who’s been real and one of us who’s been acting,” he continued. “We can have a better relationship for our daughters when you stop being a compulsive liar. All you’ve done is sit here and point the finger at me. I pay $2,500 a month for child support!”

From there, Bristol removed herself from the situation, and no resolution was reached. But can they recover from this argument and be cordial in the future? Will they ever call a truce? Tell us what you’re thinking, then tune in Monday at 9/8 for Part 2 of the Teen Mom OG reunion.