Siesta Key Poll: Who Started The Birthday Brawl — Alex Or Jared?

The resident romeo's bday party was one for the books

Enemies and ex-girlfriends are a dime a dozen for Siesta Key's Alex -- and both proved to be a problem on the season premiere.

Unfortunately, it all unfolded at the resident Romeo's birthday bash, aka the official kickoff of summer in Siesta. The reason: Alex's high school nemesis Jared arrived, returning to the coastal Florida town for "a relaxing summer" following a tumultuous six-year stint in the navy. At the behest of Brandon and Garrett, he agreed to hit up Alex's party, despite his many reservations.

"I don't think you know the extent of how much me and this kid hate each other," Jared said. "Like, me and Alex do not get along. I've never been to his house or his parties or anywhere around him on good terms. The last time I saw this dude in high school was during a face-to-face screaming match."

The catalyst for his longtime feud with Siesta Key's resident player? Madisson, the forever "one-that-got-away chick" he dated on and off shortly before (and somewhat during) boot camp. Yes, the same Madisson that Alex kinda-sorta proposed to (but not really) just last summer.

"Alex was dating her, and I was messing around with her on the side. So that's kind of where the whole beef stems from with me and Alex," Jared told Brandon and Garrett. "In high school, I would date a girl, and then he would date her. ... It would just be back and forth, but then he could come in because he was throwing money around -- like, [the] biggest parties, big boat, biggest house. He's gonna trump me every time on that."

Much like Jared predicted, Alex wasn't about to let a half-decade's worth of bad blood go. Upon seeing the military veteran on his turf, he asked, "Jared, really? I can't believe he has the balls to show up here."

And when Jared officially greeted the birthday boy with a hearty "Hello!", Alex offered this reply: "Someone smells like stinky, sh*tty p*ssy. Honestly, it's rank."

For his part, Jared said he wasn't "starting sh*t," but Pauly soon piped up in all his pot-stirring glory.

"Nobody's going to come up in here and talk sh*t to Alex on his birthday," he said. And then, suddenly, everyone was fighting everyone, and someone was in a headlock.

So who truly started the fight? Did Jared do it by setting foot on Alex's posh property? Or was it all because of Alex and his insults? Cast your vote in the poll, below, then catch the aftermath on Tuesday at 9/8c.