Ex On The Beach Amends: Should Farrah Have Made Nice With Simon?

Her former flame got the boot after a (very) ugly episode

Farrah was able to get her ex Simon promptly off of the beach. But should the former Teen Mom OG couple have attempted a proper sit-down conversation with a mediator -- or was there no hope in reaching a resolution because of their rocky past?

On tonight's Ex on the Beach, Simon (aka "the guy who Farrah would always yell at") shocked the sh*t out of Farrah with an unexpected "Horror House" Shack of Secrets visit. Before he could say a peep, Farrah let out an "Oh my God!" and promptly darted into the living room. And while she had little interest in his presence, she had no issue telling everyone else what she thought of him.

"That person shouldn't be around me," she declared, adding that Simon took money from her and lied to her. Soon after, she ran upstairs and demanded Murray leave the bathroom so she could lock herself inside (he obliged, and Cheyenne made sure to keep her company)

Of course, that didn't stop Simon from entering the premises with a "Honey, I'm home!" -- and he was met by an interrogation from Chad, Nicole, Maya, Janelle and others. So how did things officially end between the pair? His version: It all came down to that time he ordered himself a steak in their shared room, causing Farrah to have a cow (pun very much intended).

"For some reason, Farrah just flipped out," he said. "I don't know if it was the smell of the steak or whatever it was, but she said, 'You're not eating the steak -- get the f*ck out of the room! Go eat it in the hallway.'" And yeah, Farrah's fellow singles (and a few of their exes) couldn't believe this tale -- and had to let out some laughs.

But Jozea, who brought up how Simon bashed Farrah's fam on Twitter, quickly gave him a talking to.

"Until we get it situated and find out what's going on, your sleeping quarters are here, on this couch," the Challenge and Big Brother competitor stated.

And while some shut-eye didn't exactly help matters between the exes, Farrah was determined to "get this sh*t over with" (aka have a chat) to help expedite Simon's departure. But that didn't work either, and the conversation went "nowhere."

"Yeah, I definitely think that's something to apologize for," Simon said.

"So you are apologizing for what?" Farrah asked.

"I mean, there's a couple things," he began, but she interjected with, "You can do a full sentence."

"Both of us went through a lot, and there was a lot of fighting and tension, especially around Sophia," he continued, referencing Farrah's daughter. "I'm not here to argue with you."

"You don't know me. Don't involve yourself with my family," Farrah stressed (apparently, Simon and her father Michael exchanged some text messages). Yes, you would have thought they were speaking in two different languages.

The exchange ended with a "good luck" from Farrah -- and shortly after, Simon was the first ex to be cut. He was treated to lots of hugs from everyone but no grand farewell from his erstwhile girlfriend.

"The only reason I came here was to actually help Farrah," he reflected. "She doesn't listen to anything -- that's her biggest weakness."

But should Farrah have been more open to making amends and truly moving away from this roller-coaster chapter? Or was there no point in letting bygones be bygones since they have such difficulty communicating? Sound off, then be sure to keep watching Farrah (without Simon) every Thursday at 8/7c!