'I Feel Like I Should Pack': Is Kareem About To Leave Ex On The Beach?

Maya's former flame is officially in the doghouse

The very first Ex on the Beach Cut or Crush Ceremony will unfold during next week's episode, and Kareem has a sneaking suspicion he will be ousted at the inaugural event.

Why? Well, it's not a complete surprise he's feeling like the target after his behavior toward Maya. First, Kareem's cousin Ashley (and Maya's former pal) revealed that Kareem hated the Catching Kelce star's "snobbish ways," he was very unfaithful (once, he cheated on her with six girls in one day) and Maya was "just a bet" with the guys on his former sports team (specifically, that Kareem could "get" Maya).

But that was just the warm-up, and he had a "wicked plan" (according to the beloved narrator).

"The real reason Maya hates me, and I've been trying not to bring this sh*t up because I don't want to taint her image, is because my teammate told me she had something that wasn't curable," he confided in Murray (Cheyenne's ex). "And I literally never dealt with her again."

While Kareem didn't expect Murray to go tell Cheyenne (heh) about the STD rumor, he should have told the What Happens at The Abbey Star to not approach Maya. Because that's exactly what he did -- and when she heard this hurtful claim, she was emotional.

"He's f*cking up my makeup, and it's not even worth it," she sobbed to Cheyenne.

But tears turned into a tirade.

"Shut the f*ck up -- you're trying me like the bitch you are," she spat, while Farrah ordered him to go to his room. "Get him the f*ck out!"

He did -- but will he be the f*ck out permanently? Prior to confiding in Murray, host Romeo Miller told the entire gang that an elimination was on the horizon. Kareem's take? "I feel like I should pack," he said about his "doghouse" status.

But are there enough votes to send Kareem packing? Or will another target surface and eventually be ousted? Offer your theories, then catch Ex on the Beach on Thursday at 8/7c.