Is Tyler Trying To Stall His Teen Mom OG Separation From Catelynn?

He has some excuses, but she's not buying 'em

Catelynn and Tyler had been planning a 30-day “trial separation” since they returned home from a couples therapy retreat. The only problem? The Teen Mom OG couple has yet to move forward with the time apart, and Cate thinks it's because Tyler is stalling.

On this week’s finale, Cate brought Nova along on a visit to see Amber, who needed some support as she went through a rough bout of postpartum depression. Catelynn assumed Tyler would have moved out of their house and into their new home by the time she returned to Michigan, but he didn’t; he claimed not all of the construction was done on the new house yet.

“I don’t want to prolong it too much. Maybe the porch needs to wait until summer so we can get this going,” Cate said. “That’s pushing our separation thing, and I want to just do it ... so I can move in there with you guys and we can be a f*cking family again.”

She also told her husband how stressed the whole situation was making her, especially since she was pregnant.

“I’m also carrying a baby, and I’m putting stress on this baby," she continued. "And it’s going to put a lot of stress on Nova too... You don’t seem bothered by it or emotional about it or anything. It just comes off that you don’t care ... that this is hurting me.”

Tyler remained stoic and then got defensive, saying he felt like he's not allowed to ever take care of his own well-being.

“When you wanted to make a decision for yourself [to seek treatment], everyone was fine. Everyone was like, ‘Good job. It's great. Go ahead, honey,’” he said. “But if I do it, it’s like the f*cking world just flips out.”

But what do you think about the situation? Is Tyler just delaying the inevitable and pushing off this “self-reflection” period? And if so, why? Meanwhile, is Catelynn justified in being upset by Tyler’s apparent apathy? Tell us your thoughts, then tune into Part 1 of the reunion on Monday at 9/8c to find out what happens next.