Catfish Sneak Peek: This Love Hopeful Is Convinced A Reality Star Is Her 'One'

Sheila has 'love' on the brain

Catfish love hopefuls are sometimes convinced they're talking to an actual celebrity -- like Keyonnah, who thought she was in a relationship with Lil Bow Wow, and Spencer, who was convinced he was communicating with a pop superstar. Both those online romances turned out to be scams, but could this week's episode be the one to break the phony-star streak?

In a sneak peek of the installment, Nev and his new PIC Nick Young learn more about their case courtesy of an email from a woman named Sheila.

"I am a 33-year-old single mom who loves watching reality TV," she writes, prompting basketball player Young to joke, "She's already in the wrong."

We beg to differ, Swaggy P...

But who is the man Sheila saw on the small screen and is now convinced is her "one"? And do the Catfish guys think he could be the real deal? Watch the clip to find out, and do not miss the entire episode on Wednesday at 9/8c.