Why Nilsa And Kortni Could Learn A Little Something From The Floribama Bros

Pull up a chair, girls, and start taking notes

We all know that men and women are from different planets (Mars and Venus, respectively), especially when it comes to dealing with drama. And especially when it comes to dealing with drama on MTV Floribama Shore.

While Nilsa and Kortni continually rehash the same argument over and over again, Gus and Jeremiah were able to squash their differences fast on this week's episode.

How so? It all started when Gus was feeling rather sullen at dinner (hashtag girl problems), and Jeremiah was in no mood for Gus' mood.

"Gus is literally having a pity party of one, [and] I'm not going to be a part of it," said the Floribama father figure.

After the friends exchanged a few heated words, they took some time to cool off, seeking a little "Mexican serenity." (You writing this down, Kilsa?)

"Last night was awkward when it came to me and Gus," Jeremiah said. "There was a bit of beef between us because of the way Gus was acting. I'm just trying to keep my distance right now. If he's able to get over it, maybe eventually we'll talk about it."

Barely 24 hours passed, and they were able to converse like adults while overlooking the Cabo San Lucas skyline.

"I said my piece," the Jacksonville native told Gus, who admitted he was being "a stubborn son of a b*tch." "Even though we're hardheaded, we still hear the words, and we actually mull them over. We don't just disregard what's said."

That's when Gus said the magic words: "I don't care if I'm mad at you for a day, for three days -- you know that sh*t never lasts."

On the other hand, Kortni and Nilsa have had the same battle for what feels like weeks now -- Kortni snuggles up to Gus, and Nilsa gets pissed. Wash, rinse and repeat.

"I have confronted Kortni at least five times now for hurting my feelings every time she shacks up with Gus," Nilly said. "If she wants to continue any type of friendship with me, that better be the last time I have to tell her."

Tell her she did -- and just when you thought the girls had finally made some headway, their gossip-laden cat fight worsened, resulting in another issue entirely: Nosemageddon.

But can the girls take Gus and Jeremiah's lead and work past their beef? Or will they just continue their pattern? Sound off with your predictions, then tune in next Thursday at 9/8c.