‘They Live Among Us’ Meme Exposes The Heathens That Constantly Surround Us

Find the unpopular opinions. Can't find them?

Android users, theater kids, and Juul enthusiasts are all under attack – and the perpetrator is none other than a hot take-empowering Twitter meme that's on the rise.

The "they live among us" meme suggests that folks with bad habits and hobbies are all over, but you'd never know since they look just like the rest of us. Most versions of the Twitter trend ask readers to look for a certain kind of person – like an Android user – amongst a group of ethnically diverse emojis.

Acknowledging that these types of people are visually unidentifiable, the meme claims that they blend into the crowd, only separated from the rest of us by their ultimate destiny. That includes things like being broke or going to hell, amongst endless other possibilities.

As the meme has grown, it's encouraged people to voice their sometimes unpopular, often controversial opinions. Procrastinating students and those who don't credit photographers are just some of the latest victims.

Twitter users have even used the "they live among us" meme format to parody warnings about marijuana, sarcastically referring to it as "the deadliest drug of all time."

And like all good memes, this one found its footing on Stan Twitter, where it’s been living for weeks before the meme reached more mainstream parts of the platform. Though the origins are hard to trace, some Twitter stalking reveals a late November tweet from a BTS fan, suggesting the trend may have started amongst K-pop stans.

Supporting their faves, a Britney Spears fan used the "they live among us" format to disparage the pop star's detractors, and a Why Don't We stan used it to respect the boy band's private lives.

And a BTS fan captured Namjoon's leadership qualities, while a Lana Del Rey fan incorporated her "Born To Die" lyrics in yet another variation of the meme.

With mainstream Twitter (known as "locals" to the stans) hyping up the meme more and more every day, the trend's untimely death is certainly near. But as the holiday season approaches, look for Stan Twitter to gift the internet with another colorful meme soon.