Ex On The Beach Poll: Who's BS'ing About Their Breakup -- Diandra Or Malcolm?

At the center of the controversy: an innocent pup

A puppy always usually brings a couple closer together, but for Are You the One?'s Malcolm and Diandra, it was the nail in their relationship coffin -- and continued to cause friction for them on Ex On The Beach.

During the latter show's season premiere, Didi shocked her "papi" when she emerged from the waves. But before the two got to talking, Malcolm somewhat reluctantly revealed that the non-perfect matches parted ways after she went to see her ex-boyfriend's pup.

"I feel like she cheated on me with Mr. Puppy," he confessed. "We really couldn't get back on track after that."

But Didi was having none of the pooch excuses and this so-called "big f*cking situation" (aka his version of it).

"I wanted to see the f*cking puppy, and I wanted my closure," Didi snapped at her former flame, later adding in a solo interview, "I just think that's his excuse to steer it away from him actually being honest about our relationship."

She was hardly in the minority when it came her belief. Cheyenne and Jozea burst into laughter when Malcolm told the gang about the controversial pet visit, while Morgan wondered how Malcolm couldn't come up with a better excuse for the split.

But what do you think? Was the puppy visit (honestly, we need photos of this dog) really the reason the two parted ways, like Malcolm says? Or were there bigger reasons that caused an irreparable rift, and is Didi right? Vote in our poll below, and continue to watch these two every Thursday at 8/7c!