Floribama Sleepover: Is Kortni Trying To Make A Move On Gus?

Girlfriend has officially stepped onto Nilsa's territory

Nilsa might not be the only Floribama Shore roommate who's pining away for Gus. While the never-ending Gilsa affair rages on, Kortni appears to be marking her territory (no, not that way).

After a heated argument with Kirk triggered painful memories from Kortni's past, the emotional PCB local found herself comforted (in bed) by none other than Gus, aka the bigger spoon.

"She's not comfortable being by herself, because when she's by herself, she goes to a dark place in her head," shared the Tallahassee native. "If that means me sleeping next to her and wiping her tears, then that's what I'm gonna do so she can actually sleep tonight."

Mind you, this isn't the first time the two have snuggled up side by side. The timing is also ironic, seeing as their co-ed slumber party comes just days after Jeremiah shot down Kortni's advances.

The next night, the Floribama tables turned with a heartbroken Gus crying to Kortni over his lost lady love from the club.

"He's a little angry, so I decided to talk to Gus and let him know that I'm here for him if he needs anything," Kortni confessed, bringing us back to that time she was also "there" for Jeremiah after his grandfather passed away.

Enter a little more Jeremiah déjà vu: "I just love you and all, and if you never find a girl, I'll be here to marry ya. BFF," she told Gus, also offering to be his baby mama. "Sh*t, I'll have your kids. I'm trying to have triplets."

Nilsa, who was onto Kortni, then crawled into Gus' bed to await his arrival -- a move that failed miserably when Kortni, dubbing herself the "Gilsa police," invited him into her bed... again. Naturally, the romance cover model felt safe there and accepted.

"Me and Kortni don't really have an emotional history or a physical relationship history, so there's nothing wrong with me sleeping in the bed with Kortni at this point," he admitted. "I'm not leading her on by letting her sleep next to me and us snuggling or whatever, because it's not that type of relationship."

Not yet anyway. But what do you think: Is Kortni trying to hunch Gus? And could Gortni be the next Gilsa? Sound off with your thoughts, then catch the aftermath next Thursday at 9/8c.