Trey Songz Talks Going From Music To Movies With 'Blood Brother' On 'TRL'

Plus, Trey breaks down his two brand new mixtapes

There's a lot going on in Trey Songz's world right now — so much that he had to come break it all down with TRL host Sway Calloway this morning.

First up, Sway asked Trey about his starring role in today's newly-released film, Blood Brother, and how he prepared to shoot the movie in New Orleans two years ago. Trey also explained his decision to drop two mixtapes titled 11 and 28 for his November 28 birthday, just two days before the film's release.

Now a bona fide actor, Trey was up to the task to act out some of the wildest scenarios right from the TRL stage. He calls himself "goofy" on his Instagram, and, as it turned out, Trey was a natural at nailing these hilarious set-ups.

Then, before the week was up, TRL's Jamila Mustafa and Kevan Kenney joined Sway to break down the most trending artists for another edition of TRL's Power Rankings. With so many buzz-worthy songs and music videos this week, it was a fight to the finish. See where faves like Meek Mill, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj ended up below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.