Family Vacation Ended With 'The Most Epic Night' Ever

All it took was the 'Jersey Shore' gang returning to its roots

Despite the chaos that has been the bulk of their family vacation, the Jersey Shore crew was able to end this particular journey with a little Pauly D positivity.

They put any differences aside -- be it Angelinny's incessant feuding or Ronnie's baby mama drama -- and banded together to raise more than $40,000 in memory of Deena's dad for Be the Match, an organization which supports bone marrow transplants. The gang truly put their hearts into the one-night boardwalk fundraiser, soliciting donations and auctioning off their talents, including Snooki's shot-taking skills and Mike's meatball-noshing abilities. Not to mention Pauly D sacrificing his beloved blowout to the literal hands of strangers.

"We're celebrating and leaving on a f*cking high note because everyone came together to make this night successful, and in a matter of hours, we raised $40K to kick cancer's ass," JWOWW said. "Tonight was the most epic night in the Jersey Shore."

Ever the eternal inspiration, Mike echoed Jenni's sentiment, adding that he and his roommates exceeded expectations and ultimately survived the somewhat insane summer -- a "wild ride" (Pauly D's words) which took them from Las Vegas to Atlantic City to Seaside Heights and beyond.

"The goal was to reunite with the squad, turn up and live our best life, and guess what? We did that," he said. "We had good times, and we had bad times. And at the end of the day, we're barely getting out alive. But we're so happy to end on such a high note."

Even Ronnie, sudden house robbery aside, found himself with a sunnier outlook following their philanthropic efforts.

"I feel like I need to start focusing more on the positive things in my life," he confessed. "A lot of sh*t has happened, me and Jen have fought, but at the same time, there's good things in my life. I have a beautiful daughter, I have wonderful friends, and I think that once I start focusing on the good, good things will start happening." (And maaaybe steer clear of those French Fries, just sayin'.)

Will the smooth sailing at the shore last for this vacation crew? Give us your predictions, then stay with MTV News for updates on the cast.