New Rules: Teen Mom OG's Cheyenne And Cory Set A Brand-New Boundary

Find out what kind of limitation Ryder's parents have put on their relationship

Cheyenne and Cory’s co-parenting arrangement is as clear as day. But their relationship status? Not so much. And things became even more confusing after this week’s Teen Mom OG, when Cory joined Cheyenne and her pals at the house she rented for a birthday weekend getaway.

What happened? Ryder’s parents, who flirt with each other but have established they’re just friends and co-parents, got into an off-camera argument during a night out at a club when Cheyenne ran into an ex-boyfriend. Cory got jealous and later took out his anger on Cheyenne, even though he admitted he didn’t even know why exactly he was mad.

So in order to avoid any future arguments like this (and any jealousy on either end), Cory set a new limitation on their relationship.

“It’s going to be weird if me and you go out together,” he told Cheyenne. “There’s going to be guys that want you; there’s going to be girls that want me. I don’t think we should go to clubs together. There’s no point. I don’t think that line should be crossed.”

Cheyenne seemed to be on board but was upset they could no longer hang out together in such a way. So what’s the answer here? Should these two avoid such awkward situations forever or try dating and see what happens? Tell us what you’re thinking, then find out what happens this Monday at 9/8c on Teen Mom OG.