Will Catelynn And Tyler’s Trial Separation Lead To A Teen Mom OG Divorce?

Cate, for one, is asking that very question

Catelynn and Tyler decided on Teen Mom OG that they’d live apart for about a month to figure things out — and no, not even their unexpected pregnancy would interfere with the plans. And though Cate was skeptical of the big change at first, she eventually warmed up to it — at least until tonight’s episode, when she again expressed to her husband her confusion and worries about the new arrangement.

Ty was acting a bit distant toward his wife while getting the new house ready; he’ll be moving there for 30 days while Cate and Nova stay at their current residence. And his weird behavior prompted Catelynn to reiterate her feelings and admit that she’s scared the separation will become permanent.

“It’s confusing for me, and it doesn’t make any sense,” she told him, adding that she preferred to talk about why she was perplexed in therapy, where she wouldn’t feel judged.

She continued, “I wanted to know for sure after these 30 days if I was going to be coming [to the new house] and living with you, or were you planning on being like, ‘No -- now I want a divorce'? [Are you] doing this just to get away and to tell me that we’re over with? If so, I need to know now. If the heartbreak is going to be there in the end, get this done now.”

Tyler didn’t really have much to say in response and agreed that there was no point in dragging out a breakup, but what do you think? Will the couple's trial separation become permanent, or will it only make them stronger? Share your opinion, then watch Teen Mom OG Mondays at 9/8c.