Sneak Peek: Is Nev's Newest Catfish Co-Host Really In The FBI?

Watch the clip to find out!

Nobody can catch a Catfish quite like Nev -- but the digital detective's newest co-host is picking up those MTV investigative skills rather quickly.

In a sneak peek of this week's episode, Kamie Crawford -- a trailblazing model, journalist, beauty guru and former Miss Teen USA -- will join Nev to help solve the saga of Rachel and Vance. And when the two get down to work, Kamie helps crack a significant part of the case.

"Boom! I told you I'm the FBI!" Kamie enthusiastically declares in the video above.

Of course she's not a part of the domestic intelligence and security service of the United States/the country's principal federal law enforcement agency -- but what exactly did Kamie uncover to prompt her statement? And how does Nev react to his partner? Watch the video, and be sure to catch the entire installment this Wednesday at 9/8c.