Father Figure: Will Devoin Continue To Hone His New Dad Skills On Teen Mom 2?

Briana's ex has been spending more time with Nova, and the little girl is loving it

Briana may have kicked Devoin out of her family’s apartment, but she didn't kick him out of Nova’s life. As of late on Teen Mom 2, Devoin has been regaining Bri’s trust as a co-parent by finding a job, getting his own apartment and being present and reliable for their daughter. But will he keep it up?

This week’s installment saw Nova start first grade -- and though Devoin wasn’t there for her first day since he was working, he made up for it by taking the little one to an arcade for a few hours one-on-one beforehand. Bri was happy they’d been spending so much alone time together and even said that she’d allow Nova to visit Devoin at his new home should she want.

“I know he has a new apartment, and he’s been bugging me about [when I can] take Nova over there,” she told her sister Brittany. “I just don’t know. I guess time will tell and we’ll see, but if she really wants to go, then she can go… I think we’re putting our differences aside just for Nova.”

Nova clearly loves spending time with her dad, but will he continue to see her regularly? Or will Devoin fall off track and betray Briana’s trust again? Tell us what you’re thinking, then tune in to Teen Mom 2 on Mondays at 9/8c.