Eternal Affair: Are Gus And Nilsa Trapped In A Never-Ending Floribama Fling?

The friendly benefits have found their way to Cabo

Looks like it's going to take more than a geographical change for Gus and Nilsa to cut their MTV Floribama Shore friends-with-benefits strings: Upon arriving in Mexico, the two have found that old (hunch) habits die hard.

Facts: Upon the crew's arrival in Cabo, Gus told Nilsa she's "kind of been standoffish." The brunette's response? "Thanks for checking in, now go thot and plot. That's what I'm gonna do. See ya later, Gus."

Thot and plot she did, as she almost immediately got a cute guy's number -- a move that led Gus to turn up the heat with her.

"Gus is being really flirty with me," Nilly noted. "He's teeter-tottering on his feelings, going back and forth, and I don't wanna get hurt. I keep getting pushed off to the side."

During their late-night heart to heart, Gus continued to wax poetic about his deep-seated issues, while Nilsa encouraged him to "be open to anything." (Déjà vu, anyone?)

"I don't want you to ... miss out on something really great," she said. "If all we're ever going to be is just friends, then that's okay."

Fast forward to Nilsa basically dominating the Cabo twerking contest -- and showing the contest's judge "a little love." Candace immediately echoed our thoughts: "Nilsa's guy ain't my style, but get it in. Have sex on the beach. Do what you need to do as long as it ain't Gus, and I ain't gotta hear about this Gus stuff no more."

Meanwhile, Gus took his opportunity to pursue a hottie in a white bikini, promptly getting her number written on his washboard abs. But upon Gilsa's return to the hotel, their FWB flirting began, and Nilsa admitted that she'd wished her boy toy from the twerking contest was actually none other than Gus.

"Obviously, I still like Gus, and I feel like maybe a little bit Gus still likes me," she said, telling him she just wants to "cuddle up."

The king of mixed signals romance cover model's response? "That sounds like a damn good time."


"Both these people were just making out with two completely different strangers, and now they're about to start making out with each other," Jeremiah said.

So are the two really back to square one? And will they ever be able to get out of their FWB pattern? Sound off with your comments, then catch more Gilsa in Mexico next Thursday at 9/8c.