How Catelynn Lowell And Tyler Baltierra Picked The Name Of Their Baby-On-The-Way

The 'Teen Mom OG' bundle of joy has a moniker similar to her sister's

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have a little lady named Novalee, and their "rainbow baby" on the way (it's a girl!) will have a similar-sounding moniker: The newest Teen Mom OG munchkin will be named...Tezlee!

"Tyler came up with it. He was looking up different names, and he saw names like Leslie. We have Novalee and now Tezlee. We wanted to keep the names kind of similar," Cate recently revealed to MTV News, adding that Tezlee is not named after anyone and she plans to dress her daughters in matching outfits.

As for the name creator, what nickname does Ty have in mind for Tezlee?

"Tezzie, for sure," he gushed.

It won't be long before Cate, Ty and Nova meet Baby T, so be sure to stay with MTV News for updates -- and do not miss the family every Monday on Teen Mom OG at 9/8c. And to see them reveal their little girl's name on the series, watch the clip below!