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Frank Ocean Is Teasing Very Hype Music On His Newly Public Instagram

He's got 'visions'

Stylish Tumblr page aside, Frank Ocean's social media presence has always been a thing of mystery. But in a shocking turn of events, the typically reclusive artist pulled back the curtain last week by making his private Instagram account public, letting fans explore hundreds of posts he's made since mid-2017.

As it turns out, Ocean's IG is the gift that keeps on giving — on Monday (November 19), he teased what sounds like a snippet of a new song on his Story. In the selfie-style vid, he head-bangs to an upbeat trap beat as the phrase "I've got visions for my life" repeats a few times. He kept the caption simple and ambiguous, opting only for a few tornado emojis.

Ocean unveiled his previously private Instagram (@blonded) last week, after months of speculation that the unverified account belonged to him. He saluted new followers with a mirror selfie accompanied by the cheeky and straightforward caption, "welcome."

There's no indication if Ocean's new teaser is for a song off an upcoming project, or if he's just fooling around in the studio. But it's a promising sign that he's at least creating — and, apparently, having a blast doing it.

The Blonde singer cryptically hinted at new music all the way back in January, posting a photo on Tumblr of a person with a hat that reads, "IF YOU LIKED 2017, YOU'LL LOVE 2018." Considering 2018 is almost over, let's hope he delivers on that very vague promise soon!