'They're Coming In With A Vengeance': Here's An Ex-tended Look At Ex On The Beach Season 2

The relationsh*t show returns on December 20

"What the f*ck is my ex doing here?" Excellent question, courtesy of Are You the One? alum Malcolm.

In the first extensive look at Season 2 of Ex On The Beach, a bunch of romantically challenged reality stars (from Teen Mom, The Challenge, Survivor and more) will spend some QT in the surf and sand -- and eventually be completely stunned by the arrival of their former partners. And let's just say things aren't going swimmingly for everyone some folks.

From Big Brother's Morgan declaring she doesn't want to live with a former flame (ya think?!) to Malcolm's ex Nurys announcing she's "not doing this love triangle sh*t all over again (can't blame her), it's officially a relationsh*t show. And then there's Teen Mom's Farrah and Bachelorette veteran Chad having a not-so-friendly exchange.

"I'm not talking about you -- I'm talking to you," the entrepreneur snaps at him. Uh-oh...

But how will Farrah fare when she has to deal with an actual former partner? And who is finding romance amid all of the chaos? Do not miss the premiere of Ex On The Beach on Thursday, December 20 at 8/7c -- and stay with MTV News for more information on the upcoming season!