Ariana Grande Has Fans Expecting A Mean Girls-Inspired 'Thank U, Next' Video

The Burn Book is open

It might not be Wednesday, but Ariana Grande's fanbase is in preparation mode for the pop star's upcoming "thank u, next" to get the Mean Girls treatment.

Ever since Ariana revealed the single cover and aesthetic for the now-No. 1 single, some of her eagle-eyed fans spotted a suspicious similarity to the the 2004 film-turned-Broadway musical's Burn Book.

After a series of social media posts from Ariana and her besties, Alexa Luria and Courtney Chipolone, that similarity doesn't just seem like a coincidence. Earlier today, each of the three women took to Instagram to post group shots, captioned with Mean Girls quotes and references.

Ariana also posted the trio on Twitter, inviting fans to "meet the plastics." And while there isn't confirmation that these are outtakes from a music video shoot, Ariana posted a video just yesterday assuring fans that the "thank u, next" visuals are on their way.

With the words "you're still getting a video" written in that same Burn Book aesthetic, fans are all but sure that the "thank u, next" music video is Mean Girls-themed and, as Ari might say, they're so cool with that.

And with Ariana Grande telling fans on Instagram that all these captions really are tea, there's no telling what more details she'll be spilling tomorrow.

For now, party like it's October 3 and listen to "thank u, next" below.