Family Vacation Poll: Who Would Kick More Ass In A Fight — JWOWW Or Angelina?

Let's be honest: You wouldn't want to meet either in a dark alley

JWOWW and Angelina may be the definition of "frenemies," but the two have more in common than anyone ever thought. Primarily the fact that you don't want to get on either girl's bad side, as shown on the latest Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2.

Here's what went down: After a d-bag at the bar unnecessarily called a pregnant Deena "fat," Jenni's inner JWOWW was instantly unleashed.

"When I heard 'fat,' and Deena has this sad puppy face, I see red," Jenni said. "I'll never forget the first time when a girl called Nicole fat, and I beat the sh*t out of her. You can come after me all day, but the moment you talk about my friends, game over. I will annihilate you."

And with that, the brunette firecracker marched right up to the guy and dubbed him "a piece of sh*t."

"You're a f*cking b*tch, bro. This is what's wrong with America. Pieces of sh*t like you going after pregnant girls," she spat, before noting, "He's lucky I'm full of brie and have Louboutins on."

For her part, Snooki was quick to back up pal's badassery: "Jenni will actually kill you. I don't know what this guy's thinking, but he's about to get his f*cking ass beat."

But that wasn't the last JWOWW saw of the "chooch" -- the very next day, she ran into him again, and lo and behold, he was rolling with one of Angelina's sworn Staten Island enemies. And this time, it was the dirty little hamster who got heated.

"Me and her have very bad blood towards each other," Angelina said of her longtime foe. "That girl's such a trash bag. She stalks my life. She's obsessed with me, wants to f*cking bang every guy that talks to me. She's a stripper, and she's a piece of sh*t. Other than that, she's a really good person."

When the so-called stripper started taunting Angelina, the self-proclaimed Kim Kardashian of Staten Island turned the tense situation into a guido version of Jerry Springer (thanks for that, Vinny) as she lunged at the trash-talking broad, throwing chairs, tables and even her own shoes.

"Angelina just explodes," noted Nicole. "She's throwing tables, throwing chairs like she's Hercules. Where did this b*tch come from? Like, I'm not ever gonna fight her again because she's scaring the f*ck out of me."

So clearly, Nicole thinks both JWOWW and Angelina can throw down hard in a fight. But who do you think is the most threatening? Take our poll below, then catch the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2 season finale on Thursday at 8/7c.